Digital File Organization & Conversion

You love taking pictures of your family, vacations, and children but then what do you do with all of them?  You have thousands of images on memory cards, stored on your camera, phone and computer.  How do you file them?  Do you ever look at them again?  Can you easily find what you are looking for?  Do you have a bunch of duplicates?  Have you been able to share those memories with loved ones? 


I can help you get your photos and files under control and accessible so you can enjoy them!

  • Gathering Services - collect photos off of all devices and gather together

  • Create digital photo hub

  • Organize photos and videos by date and/or event

  • Convert video formats to hold longevity

  • Establish back-up systems with the 3-2-1 strategy

  • Find services or products that fit into your life to view, share, and enjoy photos

  • Offer gift ideas and solutions or viewing digital photos