Around the Home


What rooms of your home do you LOVE?  Do they make you feel welcome, comfortable, and relaxed?  Do you have other rooms that make you feel negatively?  What feelings do they evoke?  Stress, frustration, overwhelming?  Let me help you to take control back and let your home work for you and become a retreat.

Life Simplified


Is your family running five different directions on any given day?  Do you need help finding a system to keep track of everyone's activities to maximize your time?  This is for you!  We will work together to find a custom plan to minimize your stress and simplify your life!  This can include creating schedules and organizing the various equipment used for the activities.  

Life Changes


Are you downsizing?  Did you recently have a baby?  Do your kids need to start sharing a room?  I can help you work through the necessary moves to make the transition go as smoothly as possible! We will work through what your goals for the different spaces are, and how we can maximize them to their full potential!