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Digital Organizing

  • Are you Signing Away your Digital Rights? By Caroline Guntur, Swedish Organizer

  • iMazing - Great program to help you transfer your files from your iPhone to your computer; transfer photos, contacts, messages, etc.

  • Duplicate Cleaner:  Mac – Photo Sweeper, PC – Duplicate Cleaner Pro

  • HEIC Converter – iMazing HEIC Converter - Very helpful if you are in iphone and PC person!

  • DPO PRO** by @theswedishorganizer is the ultimate digital photo organizing masterclass that takes you from chaos to organized in 90 days or less! Get a grip on your digital photo collection once and for all with proven strategies and step-by-step instructions!

  • Facebook Group – Photo Organizing Fun – hosted by (and website)

  • Smugmug** - Want your photos at your fingertips at all times? This is where I have my personal collection uploaded and I can access them from the app and anywhere!

  • BackBlaze** - Cloud storage system that will backup your computer and external hard drives!

**These are affiliate links.  These companies are all companies that I use myself and personally recommend. By clicking these links, it will be of no extra cost to you, but I will receive a small commission.  

Safeguarding Your Photos: With today’s rapidly changing technology, protecting our photos continues to be a challenge. I recommend what the US Department of Homeland Security calls the 3-2-1 Rule[1]

  • 3 – Keep 3 copies of any important file: 1 primary and 2 backups Many photo collections are too large to fit within computer storage so the main storage for digital photos is an external hard drive.

  • 2 – Keep the files on 2 different media types in your home to protect against different types of hazards.

  • 1 – Store 1 copy offsite (e.g., outside your home or business facility). APPO recommends storing your ‘A photos’ with an offsite service, known as cloud storage. I recommend BackBlaze, a cloud-based storage system that offers the security you need plus the added advantage of unlimited photo storage and accessibility from many devices for easy, private sharing. Please be mindful of what rights you may be signing away in various cloud-based storage options.

  • Physical Photos – Store in temperature controlled sturdy boxes while organizing, then scan for preservation.


Physical Photo Organizing

APPO’s[1] ABCs of Photo Organization Deciding what to keep can be overwhelming. Following a few simple guidelines can make this process easier. I rely on the ABCs of photo organizing to stay on track.

  • A stands for Album: These photos are the most important and are album worthy! These are the ones that you want to preserve for the future a scan as well. This will not be every photo in your collection. The ones you choose are often the most personal and cherished. Less is more!

  • B stands for Box: Photos that are important enough to keep should be stored in archive quality boxes for long term storage or backed up thoroughly if digitized.

  • C stands for Can: These photos can go in the ‘trash can’ or your delete file. Toss duplicates, blurry or unflattering photos, excess scenery photos, etc.

  • S stands for Story: This is the most important part...does the photo tell a STORY? Keep any photos that clearly tell a story. An old blurry photo may have your Dad’s first car in the background! Be careful not to toss away history.

[1] Association of Personal Photo Organizers

Gift Ideas

  • A Gift Certificate for some time with me!

  • Photo Books - Year in Review, Family Vacation, Sports Season, Baby Book, and so many more! There are multiple sites and options out there depending on your price range and preferred style. This is one of my specialties if you need help creating it!

  • Digital Photo Frame - Nix Play Seed connects to WiFi and you can upload the photos through an app or email! (Great gift for someone who is not great at technology - you can update it remotely)

  • Puzzles

  • Calendars

  • Artsonia – make artwork into products

  • Memory Game – my daughter received one made on Shutterfly and it is awesome!

  • Photo Flash Drive’s Playbook - Looks like a photo book but it plays a video when you open it!

  • Little Divinci art frame - perfect for grandparents!

  • Pando – family history game - start a new family tradition and learn about your family history all at the same time!

  • Check Groupon or Living Social and use key word Photo or Personalized to find unique gift ideas and save money!

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